I'm currently editing a documentary feature from the tapes I shot during my walk.

Here is a trailer I made before I left for the trip. It comprises none of the footage I shot during the trip, but I made it to convey a general sense of what I thought the film would be before I left.

I intend to post a "real" trailer soon. In the meantime, take a look at this one.

windows media:
lower resolution - 7 megs  /  higher resolution - 23 megs

lower -- 7 megs   /   higher -- 18 megs

The trailer is 2 minutes, 51 seconds long. It features Birdie Hilltop's song "Watch Out", which you can hear on their excellent album Surround the Birthday, available here from Frigital Records.


the plan

watch trailer


fellow travelers


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walking journal:

Dec. '05 - Jan. '06.
initial idea, planning and preparations

February 2006
UIMA event, "Ithaka", departure

March 2006
Madrid, rural Spain, and the cross into France

April 2006
the heart of France

May 2006
Paris, Belgium, and Holland

June 2006
Germany during the World Cup

July 2006
Berlin and through Poland

August 2006
Eastward into Ukraine

September 2006
Kiev at last

November 2006
notes on coming home

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Lee Kazimir

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