I funded this project in an unusual way.

Rather than try to get all the funds from one source or a few sources, I collected it in small chunks from a lot of people.

The donations that came in were enough to fund the bulk of my project, however I will keep my plan open until the film is finished.

If you donate $20, I'll make you a Fellow Traveler. That means you get your name on the site and in the credits of the film. Plus, I'll send you a handwritten postcard during my walk.

Each postcard will contain a unique message, and will be bought and sent from wherever I am at the time. No two will be alike. A collectible piece of film history? Natch, natch.

If my project captures your imagination, please consider contributing twenty bucks. Since I'm only looking to fund the project and not to get rich, I will be capping the number of donors at 1,000. No more than a thousand individuals will receive postcards or Fellow Travelers credit in the film.

A thousand donations will be enough to fund my walk. And anyway, anything more would just give me hand cramps from writing out all the postcards.

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the plan

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fellow travelers


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walking journal:

Dec. '05 - Jan. '06.
initial idea, planning and preparations

February 2006
UIMA event, "Ithaka", departure

March 2006
Madrid, rural Spain, and the cross into France

April 2006
the heart of France

May 2006
Paris, Belgium, and Holland

June 2006
Germany during the World Cup

July 2006
Berlin and through Poland

August 2006
Eastward into Ukraine

September 2006
Kiev at last

November 2006
notes on coming home

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writing, photographs and video
Lee Kazimir

all rights reserved, etc. etc.