How To Choose A Good Duvet?

Choosing the right duvet for winter nights is as important as choosing the right winter clothes. We pay a lot of attention to our wardrobe during the seasons’ change, but do we pay attention to our bedding? It is very vital to choose the right bedding for winter nights as everyone loves to be cozy in bed especially in winter.

Wrapping up at night is way more important just like wrapping up at day because the more we are comfortable in bed the more we will get good sleep and we will feel fresh the following day. Things that can make us feel comfortable at night are mattresses, bed sheets and soft and comfy pillows which can comfort our neck.


Now, the question arises How To Choose A Good Duvet, because it is the only thing that can make us warm and cozy on cold winter nights. Here, at Tape Daily, we will suggest you some guidelines to choose a good duvet for winter nights.

Steps To Follow

Keeping in mind the following key points you can get a good duvet for yourself.

  • Insulating Power

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing a duvet is its insulating power. The main purpose of a duvet is to keep the cold out and maintain the heat. A good duvet is the one which can manage this and this can be managed by the right form of filling.

Insulating Power of Duvet
  • Filling

It is important that you should know about the types of fillings and their advantages, only then you can you can choose which one is best. The different types of fillings are Natural Fillings and Synthetic Fillings.

  • Natural Fillings

This filling includes feathers or natural down. Natural down filling is the finest heat insulator because it fascinates moisture. It also prevents heat from scattering and maintains a suitable temperature inside. Duvets filled with this type of feathers are the most expensive.

natural filling

You have to take extra care while cleaning these duvets because they consist of natural ingredients, they can also cause allergies. Feather filling has not very suitable insulating power. Also, it is not considered comfortable as there is a little shaft, a solid part attached to the feather which makes it a bit rough.

  • Synthetic Fillings

They are just like natural down feathers but not actually feathers, they are made from fibers like conventional fibers, hollow polyester fibers or microfibers. Hollow polyester fiber is very soft and maintains suitable heat level which means it has mighty fine insulating power.

Polyester Fiber

Also, its cleaning is way more easy than natural filling. Microfiber fillers are also polyester. However, they are the copy of natural down feathers with a slight improvement, both in capacity and insulating power. They are less expensive than natural filling and they provide a reduced amount of insulating power.

  • Type Of Cloth

Next important point is to select the type of cloth, of which the duvet is made up of. The texture of the cloth should be very soft and smooth. It should not be rough because the rough material will not let you be comfortable in bed. Make sure that the duvet is stitched in a way that are no empty spaces inside the duvet which may form the air chambers.

Squares sewn

This may result in bad insulating power. The best type of cloth is the one with large squares sewn into it, this will not allow the air chambers to form inside the duvet. This will also result in the good insulation power.

  • Density

The other important element is Density. It is the thickness of the duvet, which will ensure whether the heat capacity is maintained or not. While checking the density, first you should know the atmospheric temperature of your room along with your own body temperature, then select the density.


If your room is too cold in winters and you are highly sensitive to cold, then choose the duvet with the highest density. But if your room has a normal temperature even at winter nights the choose the duvet that has low density. Density is not linked with quality of duvet; it is solely for maintaining the heat capacity.

  • Length Of Duvet

Now comes the length of the duvet. Normally the size of the duvet is of three measure: Single, Double and King size. Which one is suitable for you depends on your sleeping style or positions and also on the size of your bed. If you are sleeping alone on a single bed then single size duvet may be enough for you.


If you move a lot while sleeping then you will need a double sized duvet. If you sleep with someone on a double bed, then you will definitely need a king-sized duvet to make sure that you and the other one are completely covered with the duvet and no cold is getting inside.

All these key points will help you get a good duvet for winter nights, making sure that you will not be left uncovered from anywhere and there will be no chance of you catching a cold.

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