Hi, I'm Lee. I've just finished walking from Madrid, Spain to Kiev, Ukraine on foot. Click here to learn why.

This website is the online record of a journey I made in 2006 while walking across Europe on foot.

The journey took me from Madrid in Spain to Kiev in Ukraine. I passed through seven countries in total and it took me six months. I covered somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 miles.

At right you can find links to journal entries I made during the trip, with photographs. If you haven't read any of the entries before, try beginning at the beginning.

This site also serves as a preview for a film I'm making called More Shoes, which tells the story of my journey, why I did it, and how it affected me.

I aim to have a rough cut of the film done by autumn of 2007, with an eye toward debuting the picture at film festivals in early 2008.

It was through this website that I raised most of the funding for my project, which came in the form of donations from friends, acquaintances, and outright strangers who elected to join my Fellow Travelers plan.

Thank you for your visit to my site, and I hope that the story of my walk will interest you.









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the plan

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fellow travelers


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walking journal:

Dec. '05 - Jan. '06.
initial idea, planning and preparations

February 2006
UIMA event, "Ithaka", departure

March 2006
Madrid, rural Spain, and the cross into France

April 2006
the heart of France

May 2006
Paris, Belgium, and Holland

June 2006
Germany during the World Cup

July 2006
Berlin and through Poland

August 2006
Eastward into Ukraine

September 2006
Kiev at last

November 2006
notes on coming home

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writing, photographs and video
Lee Kazimir

all rights reserved, etc. etc.